Hospitality and Hotel Management Course

Location: TurkeyStart Date: 19 / 11 / 2018
Language: EnglishDuration: 10

Course Objectives:

Improve the leadership skills of employees in hospitality and hotels.
recognize the importance of administrative leadership in contemporary organizations.
shed light on the different theories of administrative leadership.
Definition of the scientific concept of administrative leadership.
Raising the performance of managers at different organizational levels.
How to manage the tourism offices in a practical and professional way.
How to link and coordinate the work of tourist offices with hotels.
How to Manage Public Relations in Hotels.
Know the meaning of hotel management, types and classifications of hotels, hotel service standards, administrative levels in hotels, guesthouses, Hotel structure and international standards governing the hotel's relationship with guests. As well as programs and applications used in hotel management and many other important topics
Definition and objectives of hotel work
Position of hotel work in the country and its effects
Describe practical procedures and tourism techniques
Manage and develop the hotel projects in accordance with its tourism purpose.
Department of Public Relations and Communications.
Organize tours and schedule visitors in line with the purpose of their travels.


-Overview of the Hotel industry and its elements.
-Volume and role of the hospitality industry in the world and the importance of this industry.
-Hotel management methods and plans
-Elements of hotel management
-Strategies of Hotel management system
-The importance and characteristics of hotel industry
-Historical development of the hotel industry
-Hotel types.
-Hotels Classification
-Hotel rating criteria
-Study the hotel service element
-Quality Management
-Management Concept and its Functions
-The concept and functions of hotel management
-The concept of hotel & Services provided by the hotel
-Hotel Objectives
-Hotel Management Patterns
-Hotel Management Levels
-Duties and Responsibilities of General Manager
-The importance of human element in the success of hotel work
-Hotel supply and demand
-Hotel structure
-The rules and instructions issued by the International Hotel Association (IHA) -which govern and regulate the relationship between hotel and guests
Property Management System PMS (Computer)
-Some Formulas used in hotel management
-The contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest
-General study on hotel department (front office / internal supervision / sales and marketing / accounting / human resources / food & beverages / security / engineering & maintenance)
-Investment in hotels and feasibility study
-Customer satisfaction and problem solving
-Recent trends in the hotel industry
-Method to link the services provided by the tourist office with hotel services.
-The concept of public relations and how to build it between the tourist office and the hotel to reach an integrated service.
-Public Relations Officer performance and the importance of his role in attracting a large number of offices to deal with him.

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