Recruitment and Selection.

Location: DohaStart Date: 17 / 7 / 2106
Language: EnglishDuration: 5

Course Objectives:

• Plan and execute a professional recruitment campaign by using job profiles to attract the right quantity and quality of job candidates
• Apply the right measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment efforts
• Explain the various methods for assessing candidates and the validity and reliability of each
• Create fairness and objectivity by utilizing standards and best practices throughout the various recruitment, interviewing and selection stages
• Use the data collected from the recruitment and assessment stages to produce meaningful interview reports


Recruitment plans
o Defining needs
o Planning the various stages
o Roles of line managers and recruitment personnel
o Capturing and tabulating information
o Producing recruitment reports
o Internal recruitment sources
o External recruitment sources
o Middle East recruitment trends
o Candidate assessment
o Validity and reliability of assessment methods
o Job fit and organizational fit assessment
o Assessment centers
o Reasons interviews are not enough
o Improving the reliability of interviews
o Fairness and objectivity issues
o Why CVs and résumés are unfair
o Fair interview formats and structures
o Standardized interview guides
o Timings and venues
o Advanced interviewing techniques
o Importance of information and data capture
o Separating fact from fiction
o Avoiding ‘diplomatic’ or ‘politically correct’ answers
o Probing and funneling
o Producing interview reports
o Objective versus subjective reports
o Translating reports to numbers
o The use of competency levels in interview reports
o Post interview steps : offer and regret letters
• Measuring recruitment efforts
• Internal versus external recruitment effectiveness
• Effectiveness and efficiency measures
• The main KPIs for measuring the recruitment function:
• Applicant response ratios
• Qualified application ratios
• Yield rates
• Time to fill and time to join
• Offer acceptance ratio
Exit interviews
When, how and by whom
• Format and content
• Analysis and findings
• Reporting findings
• Exit interview sample

Course Target:

Experienced and senior professionals in the recruitment and selection function as well as senior employees in Human Resources. The course is also very useful for those working in workforce planning and nationalization

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