About METC

مركز الخبرة الحديثة للتدريب والاستشارات

Modern Expert for Training & Consultation(METC)


UAE – Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road

   Millennium Hotel building –floor 8- office 802


Tel: 0097143256200

Fax: 0097143256500


mail: info@metcegy.com



Telephone: (+2) 02 262 15920

Fax: (+2) 02 262 15919

P.O Box: 20- Postal Code: 11843

Alexandria – Raml Station

3. Amin Fakry St.

Telephone: (+2) 03 59 28 367  


 Our Vision

Effective management is the only way to enable our Arab societies and establishments to compete in local and regional markets and global levels.


* Preparation and development of human resources, and increase the efficiency of public and private organizations in line with the requirements of the era of globalization and the era of information technology and communications.

* Preparation of all sections of society, students , workers and staff for the challenges of the new labor market to develop their skills in using computers, languages and modern administration & vocational sciences at the hands of experts and specialists in all fields.

* Integration of high quality and modern science to provide the best results, sales and customer service


·        Administrative, leadership

·         Training and education, human resources.

·         Secretarial, office management

·         Media & Public relations

·         Accounting, financial and investment.

·         Legal, contracts and tenders.

·         Purchases and stores.

·         Marketing

·        Food Safety , Environment and public health

·        Accounting, capital markets and investment courses

·    Engineering

·   Security.


        Style of developing the training program

* Lectures: attend the program with the largest collection of experts specializing in training.

* Scientific subject: written on educational chip using program Power Point, as a means of helping.
* Cases and practical applications.
* Dialogues and discussions

METC Branches

-      Dubai

-      Cairo

-      Alexandria

-      Istanbul

-      Kuala Lumpur

Team Work

-      General Manager : Mr. Adel Abd Al Wahab Hegazy

-      Training Manager : Mr. Hazem Attia

-      Public Relation Manager: Mr. Ahmad Hawash

-      Marketing Manager : Miss. Shereen  Mohamed

-      Staff and coordinators of courses:

-      Dubai :6 persons

-      Alexandria:15 persons

-      Kuala Lumpur : 3 persons   - Istanbul : 2 persons




Previous Work

Arab Republic of Egypt


·        Ceramica Prima

·        Alexandria Wax Products Company

·        Organization of the pioneers of the environment

·        MOPCO


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·        Majlis Al-ShuraConsultative Council “

·        Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

·        Taif University

·        Al - Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University

·        Saudi Sabic Company

·        Mobily

·        Saudi Arabian Airlines

·        Al RajhiInstitution

·        Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

·        The Institute of Public Administration

·        Saudi Customs

·        Ewaan Company

·        Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia Est.

·        The Best Access for Marketing Co.

·        The National Company for Mechanical Systems

·        Ministry of Commerce and Industry

·        Zagzoog for home appliances

  • Hesham S.S.Subahi Projects

  • Ministry of Interior
  • The Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
  • Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries
  • Riyadh Municipality
  • King Fahad Medical City
  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
  • Sahara Ma’aden Petrochemicals Company
  • Solidarity for educational servicestatweer co
  • Gulf Engineering House (GEH)
  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
  • National Guard Health Affairs
  • Qassim Cement Company
  • Saline Water Conversion Corporation SWCC
  • National Water Company
  • Saudi standards, metrology and quality Org.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid foundation
  • SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyal rates
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • MTC- Riyadh
  • Tabuk Cement Company
  • Marafiq - Power and Water Utility Company
  • Maban real estate Investment Company
  • Al Ra'idah Investment Company
  • General Presidency for Youth Welfare
  • Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital
  • The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education
  • Om El Kora University
  • King Saud University
  • Wahat Al jalabia company
  • Mohammed Abdulaziz Alrajhi Endowment
  • Saudi Ports Authority –Jeddah Port
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Insurance Brokerage House(IBH)
  • AWAL It Services
  • The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS)
  • Saline Water National Water Company
  • Conversion Corporation(SWCC)
  • King Fahad Medical City
  • Saudi Industrial Development Fund
  • Public Education Evaluation Commission

·        Saudi Industrial Detergents Co (SIDCO)

·        Quality Management - Eastern Province Municipality

·        Saudi Chemical Company  

·        Saudi white cement company

·        Al Ayuni Investment and Contracting Group

·        Security Forces Hospital

·        Omar Kassem Alesayi Group

·        Saudi Aramco


·        Middle East Specialized Cables Co

·        Alinma Bank




·        The Ministry of Interior

·        Foreign Ministry

·        Supreme education council

·        Public works authority
 ( Ashghal )

·        Qatar foundation

·        Hamad Medical Corporation

·        Supreme Council of Health

·        The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara)

·        Aspetar

·        The social sport contribution fundFamily Consulting Center

·        Qatar Museums Authority

·        The General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority


·        Ministry of Defence Engineering Service

·        The Royal Court Affairs of Oman

·        Sultan Qaboos University

·        Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

·        OMAC

·        Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources

·        Ministry of Higher Education

·        Ministry of Housing

·        The Ministry of Oil and Gas

·        Royal Oman Police (ROP)-Security and Safety Services Foundation

·        Royal Army of Oman

·        Central bank

·        The Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf (GCC-Stat)

·        Ministry of Health

·        The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)      



·        Ministry of Oil & Minerals

·        Yemen mobile

·        The Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC)


  • United Industries Co. (C.S.C)


·        Environment Public Authority

·        Public works authority



·        National rehabilitation center

·        The Roads and Transport Authority

·        Egyptian Insurance Brokers Company




·        Ombudsman- Ministry of Interior

·        Specific Council for vocational training

·        Bahrain Defense Force

·        Royal Medical Services



                          Other Arabian countries                         


State of Libya

·        Libyana Mobile 

·        Azzawiya Oil Refining Company

·        United Aviation Libya

·        Almadar Aljadeed

·        Al Jowfe co. for oil technology

·        Eni North Africa B.V

·        Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V

·        Mabruk oil operation

·        Sub Council Abu Salim

·        Tripoli medical canter

·        AFRIQIYAH  Airways

·        Harouge Oil Operations

·        Ministry of communications and informatics

·        Zueitina Oil Company

·        Libyan Emirates Oil Refining

·        Misratah Central Hospital

·        Libyan Ministry of Education

·        National Program for Small and Medium Projects 

·        TripoliHospital for children

·        Tasyeer for training & consultaions

·        Al Enmaa L. Company for Financial InvestmentsCompany

·        Libyan International Telecom Company

·        Benghazi university

·        Elmergib university

·        Wahaoil Company

·        Petroleum training Qualifying institute

·        Libyan Norwegian fertilizer company

·        Libya Telecom & Technology



·        Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan Region

·        University of Sulaymaniyah

·        Manama Engineering & Consulting Office



·        Royal medical services



·        Central bank of  Sudan

·        Environment Public Authority

·        Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment & Development

·        African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) – Darfur

·        E.Connect